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Day of Prayer


Christian camps, retreats, and conferences remain one of the top evangelistic outreaches of the church. Each year during these events thousands of teens and adults respond to the calling of God in their lives and make public a decision to pursue serving in ministry or missions, either locally or internationally.  Many of today’s church leaders, pastors, missionaries, and teachers share a similar testimony. These gathering events are important work! And it’s one we must undergird with prayer.

Here are six specific things you and your church can pray for as we observe together the Day of Prayer for Ignite

  1. Pray for churches around the world that will conduct events, gatherings, or other evangelistic outreach this year. Pray for God’s Kingdom to be expanded. Thank God in advance for the blessings and opportunities He will provide through Ignite Conference

  2. Ask for God’s blessing over Ignite and all who will be involved.

  3. Pray for the teachers, volunteers, and workers who will serve during Ignite. Ask God to receive their hours of preparation as a pleasing offering and for the Holy Spirit to be at work in and through them.

  4. Pray for those who are unchurched in your community who will join your church for Ignite. Ask God to soften your own heart and the hearts of your congregation to welcome, serve, and build relationships with everyone who enters your doors.

  5. Pray for the attendees who will attend Ignite and the families they represent. Ask God to begin preparing their hearts to respond to the Good News they will hear at Ignite. Pray for their physical safety and emotional well-being during the week.

  6. Pray for those who will share the gospel during Ignite.
    Ask the Holy Spirit to give them clarity, guidance, and discernment.

We invite all our sister churches to join us in our Day of Prayer on June 6. During the Sunday's service, we ask leadership to set aside 10-15 minutes to share awareness of the college and career ministry across our nation, the attendees' families and churches they represent, the volunteers who serve, and the speakers who will share the gospel. In preparation for that day, we will provide flyers to post in your church and a video that includes information about Ignite and guided prayer from Muc Su Thanh Phien Nguyen to be used in this dedicated time of prayer on June 6th.

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