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Meet our Team

From all parts of the South East coming to connect, share, and build each other up in Christ. Together we can Ignite the Holy Spirit within us and move towards what God has called us to do.


Meet Our District Director

Meet The Team


Mary Dang

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Ignite Director


Vicki Le

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Programming Director


Nhan Nguyen

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David Pham

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Pastoral Leadership

As the elders of the church often say "the young people are the backbone of the church," therefore when we are concern about the spiritual lives of the young people we naturally for those who can best influence them. We thank God after more than 10 years of organizing camps for middle and high school students, God showed us the importance of caring for college and post-college young people. By the grace of God Ignite was established.

Pastor Nguyen Thanh Phien & his wife Thanh Huong
VAYSE Director

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Meet Our Regional Director

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